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In Harmony with Nature — Flower Bulb Sale

It's our most successful fundraiser of the year. At MMV we believe there are several things that are good for the soul — music is one, nature is another! SO, YES! We sell bulbs for you to plant in your garden, in a pot, or to give as gifts to friends and family. There are 10 bulbs in each $10 pack.

How to order:

  • Order with a MMV Board Director or performer by contacting them direct, and paying them in cash or by check
  • Order and pay online and pick up from your MMV contact
  • Order and pay online, and we will call or email to arrange pick-up or delivery in October

Bulb details and planting directions avaiable here (PDF Link)

Red/White Tulip – Leen Van Der Mar


Orange Tulip – Daydream

Yellow Daffodil –Tenby

Cream Crocus – Cream Beauty

White Iris – Alaska  

White Squill – Scilla Siberica Alba

Blue Muscari – Grape Hyacinth

Purple Tulip – Negrita

Pink Chinodoxa – Glory of the Snow

Purple Hyacinth – Orientalis Blue Jacket

Green Tulip – Spring Green

Yellow Tulip – Sunny Prince