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A massed choir shared the stage with the Milwaukee Festival Brass. The concerts were a goodwill offering to benefit the work of The Salvation Army, Milwaukee Festival Brass and In Good Company.

December 5, 7:30pm at St Sebastian Church, 5400 W Washington Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53208

December 6, 3pm at the Salvation Army Church and Community Center, 8853 S Howell Ave. Oak Creek WI 53154

It's almost Christmas again - and as always it seems to have arrived without our noticing!

We have some very special guests this Christmas in Milwaukee Festival Brass - Milwaukee's prime brass ensemble. In the tradition of the great British Brass Band the ensemble works pretty much like an orchestra and has a wonderful mellow sound. You will be thrilled as you hear them not only perform on their own, but also accompany the choir on some of the carols.

Our benefit collection this year will be shared with the Salvation Army and in particular will go towards their work with the poor at Christmastime. The Sunday concert will be held at their Church in Oak 
Creek; the Saturday evening concert held at St Sebastian's Church on the west side of town.

We will sing the carol's arranged by David Willcocks as we did last year. This year however we shall celebrate the life and great contribution that David Willcocks gave the world through his arrangements, and pay tribute to him on the year of his passing.

If you wan to sing in the choir here is a link for dates and details

The Christmas Concert is a joint production between In Good Company – the Milwaukee Metropolitan Voices resident singers' group, Milwaukee Festival Brass and the Salvation Army of Oak Creek.