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Join In Good Company and Special Guest Macyn Taylor, as they celebrate the history of Labor in Milwaukee in Living Life in 10 Acts

It's 2011, and all is well in Derry's bar, a local union hangout, until a stranger arrives. The co-mingling of this stranger and the patrons will spark a discussion that will send the audience down an inquisitive musical exploration of Milwaukee labor's struggles and victories...... more here

7:30pm May 8 & 9

3pm May 9 & 10



Bid on this beautiful hand designed quilt given to us by its creator CINDY DUBISH as a fundraiser for the show ........ more information and bidding here

Bay View Tragedy

JOIN OUR SINGERS @ the 129th Anniversary Commemoration

3pm May 3, 2015

Again this year, several hundred people are expected to attend the annual commemoration of the Bay View Tragedy to remember the seven who were killed by the state militia while part of an eight-hour day march on May 5, 1886. ...more here

Macyn Taylor

From the Quilt's creator - Cindy Dubish.......

"The Sunshine Quilt was a labor of love for me. I gathered the fabrics many years ago. Unable to find the perfect quilt design, the fabric was a picture of color that I gazed upon often. When my dear friend Karen Nelms wondered if I would be willing to make a quilt for In Good Company" I knew it was time. Simultaneously, I found a great quilt pattern. The star in the quilt is unusual and has a hidden pinwheel....... more