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We kick off the 2015-16 Season with a mystery musical show!

A first show of its kind and a first at Comedy Sportz for In Good Company. Join us for good music, fun, food and drink. 7:30pm on November 5th. Doors open 6:30pm. One show only with tickets on sale here

"OSMOSIS: A Story Told in Song” Songs may tell a story, but an entire concert? That’s what you’ll get with “OSMOSIS: A Story Told in Song,” which will be held Thursday, November 5 at Comedy Sportz. This delightful mix of solos and harmonized ensemble singing, tells a well-known tale through familiar classic pop and show tunes. Which tale we’re telling is a mystery to be solved by the end of Act 1. In Act 2, the real fun begins. Expects twists, surprises, and to laugh out loud!

“OSMOSIS” is being presented by In Good Company, our group of dedicated local singers and performers. The show itself is constructed and produced by Emory Churness, a writer, parody artist and member of IGC. Emory has been involved with singing and performance groups for over 25 years.


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Comedy Sportz is at 420 S 1st St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 (414) 272-8888 Directions are here